Business Tax

You: benefit from peace of mind

We: help to minimise liabilities / advise on tax saving opportunities where appropriate / help you comply / keep you informed / deal effectively with tax enquiries


  • Preparation of Corporation tax returns
  • Completion of VAT returns
  • Payroll accounting for PAYE + NI
  • Income tax for non-corporate businesses

We keep all clients advised of their responsibilities under the tax system and deadlines for complying with them. We then ensure that accounts and tax returns are dealt with in good time.

Plan cash flow :
It is important to know the amount and timing of any tax payment.  Completing accounts and tax returns early does not change the tax payment date, but it gives you more time to plan ahead.  Planning cash flow is one of the more important aspects of controlling the business.

Save tax
We keep abreast of the increasingly complex tax regime.  We advise on opportunities to save tax , and to ensure you claim all you are entitled to claim.

Tax enquiries
We deal with the tax office on your behalf in all aspects of your affairs, including any investigation.  H M Revenue and Customs can and do enquire into taxpayers’ returns.  Some are selected at random, some are targeted; the reason is never disclosed.  When an investigation arises we guide you through it, keeping your involvement to a minimum.  Penalties and interest can be severe.  Our objectives are to minimise the tax, penalties and interest.