Is it only me?

Is it only me that wants to see Boris succeed? My understanding is that he no more wants a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit than anyone else. Is it only me (and him) that understands he needs the ‘No-Deal’ option in order to negotiate?

Removing that option is like having a nuclear deterrent with no means of using it. No-one wants either option to be used, but without them you have no ability to negotiate.

In the days when Boris appeared regularly on the Have I got news for you TV program, the thought that he might one day be Prime Minister didn’t bear thinking about – but Is it only me that believes his approach is the only way to resolve the embarrassing stalemate?

Is it only me that sees Boris as someone who believes in something; not doing it just to gain popularity?  He is also trying to carry out the democratic will of the country.  Far from him being a threat to democracy, the politicians hell-bent on thwarting him are the dangers to beware of. They have demonstrated quite clearly their inability to reach any agreement on how to move forward  – with any strategy, yet alone a solution. But they insist on having a say in the terms on which the UK leaves the EU. How will they ever agree? And that has the result of a ‘No-Deal’ – ‘No Brexit’, contrary to the will of the people. Is that democracy at work? Is it only me that thinks it represents the complete opposite?

Is it only me that wants Boris to be allowed the unencumbered freedom to do his job – on our behalf?

How many MP’s does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one could do it.  But they would all want to be involved and it would be impossible to find two that were willing to turn it in the same direction.

The brightness of the broken light would be a fitting match to the House full of MPs.