Good game – all about the in-play.

Gambling is a disaster waiting to happen. Before it goes too far, will someone please stop Ray Winstone telling us it’s all about the in-play. It isn’t. It’s about watching a game of football – and surprisingly, last night, quite a good game – even from England.

I wasn’t once concerned which corner flag would next flutter in the wind. If it was too balmy I suppose it wouldn’t flutter at all – but this whole thing is absolutely barmy. How has it got to this point? Is the economy so desparate that the only people with sufficient funds to sponsor football are the gambling companies? Football is already corrupted by money – players and managers seriously overpaid. Constant marketing of betting on events in the game is nonsense. Football is not an adults-only sport. This is strong advertising, selling gambling to everyone watching the game – sold as though it should be a normal part of the game.

Gambling is already recognised as a potential problem, like under-age sex and drinking alcohol (not necessarily at the same time). No-one under 18 is even allowed in a betting shop. How, then, is it considered acceptable to sell the idea of gambling to under-18s, under-10s?