Full of ..it

Last week I listened to Chris Evan’s Breakfast show on Virgin Radio and have realised he (to quote a phrase oft-used in the comedy drama, ‘Suits’) is ‘full of ..it’.

One of his reasons for deciding to leave the BBC was that he believes we are either ‘mountain climbers’ or ‘mountain observers’.  He regarded himself as a mountain climber, and that, if he stayed any longer at the BBC (Breakfast show), he would become an ‘observer’.

His attempt to conquer Top Gear may be regarded, for the purpose of his metaphor, as mountain climbing.  Unfortunately he didn’t make it beyond base camp.  He is obviously more suited to mountain observing as evidenced by his move ‘lock, stock and barrel’ from the BBC to Virgin.  He’s simply observing from a different valley.

I do not agree with awarding jobs to satisfy some gender equality quota, but I do wish Zoe Ball every success with her version of The Breakfast show.  As far as Chris Evans is concerned, there was no intent to mountain climb, rather to slither from one studio to another.  I do not deny he is good at what he does, but no question either that he is full of ..it.