Did the footballers think the referendum was about them? It certainly appeared that only 48% of them wanted to stay – and that was of the 72% that turned up.

It’s no surprise that the England team can’t score goals – they take so long deciding which end of the field they are supposed to be, and then seem to have no idea or urgency about how to get there. Is this something to do with our transport system?

I blame it on queuing and cricket. It isn’t cricket to attack the other team’s goal without giving them chance to organise their defence, and heaven forbid that we should try to jump the queue to get to the ball before anyone else. Someone should tell them no, it isn’t cricket, it’s football – you can tell by the size of the balls – except in England’s case.

Why are these players (any players) considered to be worth so much money – in wages and transfer fees? Remember England are not the only ones to have been upstaged by part-timers. There is something seriously wrong with values attributable to footballers – but misplaced valuations are not restricted to ‘players of sport’.

I believe it is a disease that pervades all aspects of life – it applies to those paid in millions each year, often in circumstances where their charges are less than successful. Even with success, is there not a moral issue? Is that success so attributable to those in charge to the extent that they are paid in the millions when many others working and contributing to that same success often cannot maintain a family on what they earn?

The world is a peculiar place – in or out of Europe.