My understanding of democracy is that decisions are generally based on the majority view. Not necessarily an ideal form of government, but apparently the best we have. Brexit is the result of a majority vote in a referendum. Fairly clear-cut it would appear – a democratic decision.

The Liberal Democrats must understand the principal of democracy – it’s in their name. Why, then, are they intent on overturning that vote and determined to stop Brexit?

Politicians have today decided not to approve a deal with the EU until parliament (the same politicians) has agreed and passed legislation on each element of the parliamentary bill that will be required to make the deal part of UK law. To date they have not been able to agree the deal as a whole. Why is there any belief that legislation will be passed to enable them to agree the deal. If amendments are included in the legislation, won’t that change the ‘deal’? How does that get approved by the EU? The EU have indicated that they will not renegotiate.

The labour party reject the present deal entirely and, along with others, insist on not leaving without a deal.

Isn’t the choice between accepting a deal (there is only one) and leaving without a deal. By rejecting both, the result must be to remain in the EU. This would suggest that all MPs voting against a deal and insisting there must not be a no-deal are intent on remaining in the EU – contrary to the democratic decision arrived at in the referendum. This is democracy in operation is it?

The only conclusion to draw is that there’s a conspiracy (organised or otherwise) to undermine the referendum vote. Neither a general election, nor another referendum, should be allowed to let this succeed.

I don’t agree with referendums. Very few of us are bright enough to adequately judge the multitude of issues involved in complex situations, even if we had all the ‘facts’; [especially if we had all the facts] – much like contemplating the universe.  And to suppose that we would ever have access to, or understand, all the ‘facts’ is fantasy.  But – if a referendum is held, its result must be upheld – not have another one until it gives the result you want.
Who will tell the self-opinionated politicians forcefully enough?   I’m with Boris.