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Bella is dead

Monday, June 27th, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Bella, our beautiful Red Setter, lost her fight against the brain tumour.  We called time on her behalf.  It is remarkable what modern science, medical treatment and drugs can achieve.  She had a reasonable quality of life for several months after the initial signs, diagnosis and operation, but she was never quite the same.

I am not convinced that we did the right thing entirely.  Someone suggested the treatment gave us time to come to terms with losing her, and there is an element of truth in that.   Because it is possible for medical skills to intervene, it doesn’t mean it is right to use them.  I worry that pet insurance and modern science makes cowards of us all and simply puts off the inevitable decision that should really have been made sooner.

I am grateful for the time Bella had with us – nine years in all.  It seems such a short time since we brought her home as a puppy with her sister, Rosa.  She is not the first dog, or Red Setter, that we have lost – we understand the process, but it seems owning pets is similar to child birth.  ‘Never again’ and similar exclamations are forgotten and the cradle and kennel are again re-stocked – to suffer the inevitable pain, yet again.  I was going to say that, at least with childbirth you get the pain out of the way at the beginning – but even that’s not entirely true – pain comes in many forms.