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GMT a welcome return

Friday, October 30th, 2009

I am encouraged to write blogs – to encourage more of you to visit our modest website. I am new to blogging and may prove to be more of a twitter than a blogger. Only time will tell.

I just read a piece about the renouned twitterer, Stephen Fry that refers to him “enjoying cooking his godchildren and missing out commas” – wonderful stuff!

This is an accountancy practice; what do I blog about? Or should that be ‘about what should I blog?’ Please excuse any deficiency in the grammar, I am an accountant. More usually I say ‘Trust me, I am an etc. ‘ It reminds me of the (very) old joke about my grammar not being very good, but my grandad is getting much better. Shortage of corn? – not here.

“Write about news at Dennis Mott & Co or about what happened in the office last week” has been suggested. That may be of some benefit to all those insomniacs out there, but difficult to see how it will enhance the reputation of the firm. You will appreciate what I mean when I tell you that last weekend contained an element of excitement, the level of which is rarely experienced in the office. If it had happened mid-week we may even have bought cakes (from Greggs, next door).

Buying cakes is a ritual more normally reserved for birthdays and the like. There being only three of us in the office, even this form of revelry is comparatively rare. We had considered increasing the frequency by including clients’ birthdays as well – but both of them fell in the same week. (Only kidding – to think we had so many!).

I trust you all managed to change your clocks in the right direction last weekend. I thought it was particularly dark on Sunday morning at our usual dog-walking time of 7:30 and on Monday the roads were unusually clear of traffic when I arrived at the office and even more unusual that I was the first to arrive (by two hours). There is nothing like a touch of early morning frost to waken the senses, but not, apparently, the senseless.