Small Business

A trouble shared

We are a small business and recognise many of the problems encountered by other small businesses.   As a firm of chartered accountants, we are equipped to help you with those problems.  We act as a support service.  The capacity and extent depends on you and your needs.  Our involvement can be as simple as operating the payroll, or overseeing the bookkeeping, but it can be as extensive as you want it to be.


A business can operate as a sole trader, a partnership (or limited partnership) or as a limited company. How do you decide which to use? – We can help

We can also help guide you through the formalities, whichever format is chosen. We can form the company, if necessary.

As circumstances  change, so too can the business structure. – We can help

Should you be registered for VAT? – We can help

You may need a business plan, or a cash flow forecast. – We can help

How best to draw profits from the business? – We can help

Our services are designed to assist and advise appropriate to your circumstances.