Accounts & Audit

Selection and implementation of your accounting system
We can help you to select and implement any accounting system – manual, spreadsheet or computer accounts package. We can help you get the best out of an existing system.

Accounting records should be appropriate to the size and type of business. We can advise on an efficient bookkeeping system for your business. Often this results in less work for you and lower fees from us.

Book-Keeping Solution
Click here to see an example of our suggested spreadsheet solution to basic records for a small business. It is an abbreviated version for you to review. It is a simple excel spreadsheet, which we believe is largely self explanatory. It is suitable for non-vat and vat registered businesses alike. It can also incorporate a second bank account.

If the record is maintained as intended and the bank account properly reconciled to bank statements, we guarantee it will result in reduced accountancy fees.

It will provide the basic information for producing year end accounts and generate full reliable information for each VAT return. It is cashbook based and does not, therefore, control or reflect creditors. If control of debtors and creditors is an important aspect of your records it may be more appropriate to consider a full accounting package.

For most small companies the audit is a thing of the past. It is not compulsory to use an accountant at all but you must still prepare the company’s accounts in the proper format. This is what we do – and we may be able to save you time and money.

Let us help you to reduce your accountancy charges! The way you keep your records affects the time it takes to prepare the accounts. Our experience means we extract the information from your records in the most cost effective manner but we may be able to suggest an alternative approach to the records, often reducing the amount of work you do and saving our time (SAVING YOU FEES) in the bargain.
Saving you time, worry and money

We prepare accounts from the records and information you provide. We extract the relevant details as efficiently as possible.

The accounts may be prepared to agree your tax liability, to raise finance, to confirm how well the business is performing, or for any other reason.  In all cases, the way in which you keep your records is important and can save you money.

We are here to help.