Small business records

Accounting records for a small business can be very simple, but we see so many variations on the theme that conspire to complicate things.  A simple cash book is often all that is needed, supplemented by creditors and debtors at the accounting period end.  A properly reconciled cash book makes the world of difference to the time necessary to prepare the accounts, but it is a rare breed.  Having a cash book that is added-up is sometimes a novelty.  Further reconciliation with the figures produced for VAT purposes is yet another hazard.

We have devised a spreadsheet that attempts to overcome all the obstacles and to encourage full completion of the record, including the elusive analysis, and reconciliation with the bank account(s).  It also provides figures for the VAT  returns.  It is cashbook based and does not provide ledgers to control debtors and creditors.

We have clients who have taken to the system like ducks to water.  They encounter the odd reconciliation problem, which is resolved by a quick review and exchange of files, but generally it is time saving for them and certainly time saving for us at the year end.  At any intermediate time of the year the record and results can be reviewed with some confidence.

Check out the web site and see a demo version of the file.  There are no instructions.  The sheets are protected to prevent overwriting critical formulas and to allow input where input is required.  We are pleased to talk through the operation of the various pages if necessary.