Yesterday there were two American teams playing each other in one of the silly sports. Jamaica took Gold, Silver and Bronze in the 200m running race, and there seem to be numerous Kenyans and Ethiopeans in others. Why is it acceptable for there to be multiple representatives from one country in some events and only one in others, such as cycling – to prevent one country dominating the sport. It just happens that the UK were dominating that particular sport. Now the strategy has failed, what new rule will be introduced to slow down Team GB? Blindfolds perhaps?

The bike wheels are apparently made in France. An opportunity for the French to be happy and applaud the fact that ‘our’ success is based on French engineering. But no; the Brits appear to be good at something – they must be cheating. Let’s try one pedal per team, see what effect that has. Alternatively let’s make it OK to nudge a GB rider – Oh! They’ve already sanctioned that one.