Life really is a bitch

Bella, one of our Red Setters, has just had an operation to remove a brain tumour.  On the positive side, they found a brain.

How much should we spend on keeping our pets alive?  Without insurance, many life-saving treatments would be out of the question for many, if not, most people.  Even with insurance, not all costs are covered.  So how much is reasonable?  Animals rely entirely on us.  They are not protected by laws against euthanasia.

Nothing, except death, is certain.  Bella’s life might be extended for 2-3 years, it might only be for six months. Should that matter?

We have taken the view that where there is some scope for optimism that she has the prospect of a good quality of life, for a reasonable time, without undue stress from the treatment, we have a responsibility to do what we can, but in the certain knowledge that we shall eventually be responsible for her death.

And I thought Bella was the bitch!