Life goes on

I met a 20 week old Setter puppy called Ruby, yesterday, which brought back some fond memories and reminded me that I had not said anything about the passing of our remaining Red Setter, Rosa.  Old age, a heart condition and a tumour caught up with her.  It’s some time ago now – last October – 23rd to be precise – and it’s still upsetting.  Rosa, and her sister Bella, who died two years ago, gave us a lot of enjoyment since 2002, when we brought home two boisterous, and very red, puppies.

Dogs have a personality and become very much part of your life and the family.  They are sometimes a nuisance, sometimes naughty, disobedient, playful, funny and loving.  Losing them never becomes any easier.  I still don’t understand why we continue to take on the responsibility – but continue we do.  We now have two Border Collie puppies – Merlin and Fionn.  One day, they may mourn our passing – but not for long – only until someone else feeds them, or throws a ball.