Company information in emails

What are the mandatory legal requirements for an email footer in the UK?

If your business operates as  a limited company (Ltd), legally you are required to include the following in your business emails:

  • Company name (as it appears on the company’s certificate of incorporation, so beware of any symbols and/or punctuation);
  • Company registration number;
  • Your place of registration (England & Wales or Scotland);
  • Your registered office address.
  • There is also an obligation to ensure the characters used can be read with the naked eye.  Links to a website with the information or small print will not comply.
  • The information must also be included in the legally required information in any email auto-responders.

This duty is contained in the Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008. Categorisation of a communication depends not on its format but on its content so that an email can be categorised as a business letter.   For this reason, and because you may be exposed to a fine for non-compliance, it is safest to ensure that the information is included in an email.