Is anyone else encouraged that Mr Darling has his finger on the pulse. In these times of uncertainty, massive public borrowing (that must be repaid by public spending cuts and/or higher taxes), substantial unemployment and the prospect of falling living standards – the answer is to reduce the tax on Bingo. (I would not have known there was any tax on Bingo).

It could be there is more to this than meets the eye. Have you wondered where the prospective growth in our economy lies? Perhaps the Chancellor has given us a clue and that the answer is Bingo. There is some logic – from a population increasingly old or unemployed to replace shipbuilding, manufacturing, mining, steel making, fishing ……….. Gambling generally fits in well with the other major pastime, and something that we appear to be renowned for, – excessive drinking, both of which contribute significantly to the country’s coffers.

Perhaps Mr Darling does know his two fat ladies from his elbow after all and has taken very clear steps to keep his housey-housey in order.