Auld Lang Syne

In days gone by, today would have been the day to pay our taxes. Nowadays we have another month to ponder how to pay them. The smart brigade will, of course, have put funds to one side for this purpose and will be sitting smug in the knowledge that HMRC’s coffers will be enriched by them, on time, by 31st January. For others it may be a toss-up between paying off the credit card in full or keeping some funds back to pay, at least, something towards the tax bill.

For those of you who have delayed your tax return, the bliss of not knowing how much is due will soon be shattered when the return is completed and you realise the impact of that modest increase in profit last year, or the impact of those constant changes in code number that resulted in the PAYE system underclaiming tax from the salary, or the result of the property letting that produced a profit because of the very low mortgage interest rate.

Have a happy new year (and another cup of kindness – for auld lang syne).